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I Have A Question

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January 2007
General Science
  • Science & Technology

I Have A Question Synopsis

Heat is a form of energy. From a gentle breeze to a powerful explosion, it makes things move, and it travels from place to place. Water--a precious resource--exists as solid, liquid, and gas. It moves continuously through the water cycle, evaporating into the air from the oceans, condensing into clouds, and returning to earth through precipitation. Air--although invisible, it is real and all around us. Air pressure helps us breathe and to lift an airplane. Light is energy that travels from the sun. Because there is light we can see; and plants, which are at the bottom of the food chain, can live and grow. Sound is also a form of energy. It allows us to produce and have music, communicate with each other, and measure the depth of oceans. In I HAVE A QUESTION, veteran science educator Caryl Lieberman gives readers 72 science experiments you can do at home using everyday materials. If you've ever wondered: . Why does the wind blow? . How does a thermometer work? . Why does ice melt? . What is the domino effect? . What makes a boat float? . How does soap work? . Why does it rain? . Why do astronauts wear spacesuits? . Is air strong enough to stop a spill? . How can we empty an aquarium without lifting it? . How can a fly walk on the ceiling? . What do you really see in a mirror? . What do bears know that we don't know? . Is black ink really black? . Where do the colors in the rainbow come from? . What makes sound? . What is volume? . Can we make music when air vibrates? . How can you make your own musical instrument? . And much more.. Then this is the book for you.

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